Congregation Pastor

Pr Jeremiah and Delia

Pr Jeremiah is our congregation pastor. Jeremiah and Delia are faithful servants and experienced leaders who were serving in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea for numerous years. They relocated to Tennant Creek in October 2022 with their daughter to take on this role.

Senior Pastor

Pr Mike and Kelly

Pr Mike is our senior pastor. He is based in Adelaide and is the pastor of Adelaide Christian Centre. He loves people from all walks of life and cultures and dreams of a church with people from all nations worshipping God in their own languages. Mike has a have a go attitude and loves to encourage young people in particular to dream big for God. He visits Tennant Creek multiple times a year and works closely with Pr Jeremiah.

Church Elder

Richard and Gay

Richard is an elder in our church. He and his wife Gay have been faithful members of Tennant Creek Christian Family Church for many years.

Indigenous Leaders

Andrew and Miriam

Andrew and Miriam are our Indigenous leaders. They oversee our church’s ministry endeavours in the Indigenous community.